Urgent Help


If you need an emergency response, call the emergency services on 999. If on campus, contact Campus Security on 01443 483333 (Ext 83333) so they can direct assistance and/or emergency services.

Medical emergency

If you witness or experience extremely serious situations, dial 999 and ask for an ambulance.

If you are on campus, phone security immediately so that they can give directions when the ambulance arrives.

Urgent medical care

For urgent medical problems, contact your GP or NHS Direct Wales: Phone 0845 46 47. The number is staffed 24 hours a day. Or visit the NHS Direct website. You can go to a hospital’s A&E unit for accidents and emergencies - search online for your local A&E unit.

Emergencies in the UK 999
Emergencies in the EU 112
Medical problem (not life-threatening) in Wales or England 111
To report a crime (if you’re not in immediate danger) 101
Directory Enquiries (low cost) 118 226
Gas leaks / emergencies 0800 111 999
Animal rescue 0300 1234 999
Security staff on your campus: Phone number
Cardiff 01443 668538
Glyntaff 01443 483011
Newport City 01633 435020
Treforest 01443 482057


In case of an out-of-control file, call the emergency services on 999 and ask for the fire brigade.

Reporting a crime

If you need an emergency response, call the emergency services on 999. Emergencies may include being subjected to fear of immediate violence, or if you are in the process of having your property damaged / stolen.

If there is no emergency, call 101 to log your complaint.

If you require non-urgent assistance – for example if you are the victim of harassment or you would like to report suspicious behaviour or you simply want police advice and assistance – please contact the non emergency number 101.

Please also see the Police and the Community page. It includes information about PACT meetings, local police staff and more.

Useful Numbers

It’s important to know, or have easy access to, the following phone numbers.

Directory enquiries note: There are hundreds of providers in the UK. Almost all cost money. The three most popular ones are 118 500, 118 118 and 118 888. There is a free one, 0800 118 3733, which is an automated speech-recognition based system, and you have to listen to adverts. There is even a way to access it at low costs or free from mobiles. However, for practical purposes, it may be easier to call a human service. Of the directory enquiries services that charge and are staffed by human operators, 118 226 is the cheapest (as of July 2013).

Add to your phone:

  • The numbers for reporting your bank cards lost or stolen. There may be a number to call from the UK, and a separate one to call if you are abroad
  • The phone number for your landlord
  • Phone numbers for your utilities providers
  • An ICE (in case of emergency) contact in your mobile’s phone book. If you name a contact ICE, and you are injured or unconscious, emergency responders may be able to call your nominated person much quicker if they are marked as such in your phone.