Bicycle Registration Scheme

Owning a bike whilst at University is a great way to get around, making them a popular student accessory. They are also popular with thieves, but there is plenty you can do to protect them, including registering with our University Bicycle scheme.

About the Scheme

The University has set up a bicycle database. If you cycle to the University, you can register your details with a description of your bicycle. If your bike is lost or stolen, this will improve the probability that your bike could get recovered.

If you register, you will be given a security sticker with a unique serial number which you can put on your bike. Should the bike get lost or stolen and later be recovered by the police, the police will be told the contact details of the owner.

All personal details provided will be held and processed by the University in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Register Your Bike

Bicycle Registration Scheme