Fraudsters impersonating your University

Some Universities in the UK have been targeted by fraudsters. The criminals send bogus, but authentic-looking letters and emails to students and organisations that might owe the Universities money. The bogus letters claim that the Universities’ bank details have changed and instruct debtors to transfer any outstanding debts to a different bank account.

There are no reports that the same is happening to students at our University. However, as a precaution, the University would like to be very clear that the bank details of the University of South Wales have not changed.

Should you receive any letter or email that claims to be from the University and deals with financial issues, outstanding debts or University bank details, you can

  • email They will be able to verify whether any communication is genuine.
  • if you receive any email or letter about a supposed change of bank account details of the University, please report an attempted fraud to the police and let the University know so that we can send an update to students to warn them.