How to protect your bike

The police have published a useful guide to protecting your bike against theft.

Lock it or lose it

  • The most important thing is to invest in quality locks.
  • For a decent lock expect to spend a minimum of £40 or approximately 20% of the value of your bike.
  • Buy the best quality lock you can afford.

Record and register

  • Register your bike for FREE. You can register your bike through the University or by visiting the national property database If the worst happened and your bike is stolen police can use the database to reunite you with your property.
  • Take out insurance on your bike. Be sure to cover for thefts away from home. Take a photo of your bike and write a clear description of it for your own records.
  • Consider either electronic tagging or use of property marking products.

Securing at home

  • The safest place to secure your bike is in your house and not locked to your garden gate.
  • If you don’t have room indoors make sure it’s kept in a secure garage or shed.
  • Wherever you store your bike make sure it’s out of sight.

Out and about

  • Always lock your bike to an immovable object – don’t just lock the frame to the wheel.
  • Lock your bike in a well-lit public area with other bikes if possible.
  • Don’t lock your bike in the same place on a regular basis. It could be stolen to order.

Locking Tips

  • Always use two different locks.
  • Never buy a lock with a combination.
  • Lock your bike through the wheel and frame.
  • Secure removable parts. Lock both wheels and the frame together. Take smaller parts and accessories that can be removed without tools away with you.