Personal Safety

There are many personal safety tips in this section of the website.

Basic Crime Prevention Advice

There are ways you can avoid making yourself an easy target for criminals:

  • Get a personal safety alarm to carry with you when you’re out. These are available free of charge from the Students’ Union (from the receptions and the Union Shops). Please don’t use them for pranks – if people get used to hearing them used in non-emergencies, they can get accustomed to ignoring them.
  • Stick to busy, well-lit areas when you’re out walking alone. Avoid risky shortcuts through alleys and deserted areas.
  • Plan ahead. Know where you are going, how you are getting there and who you are meeting. Always plan your return journey, and inform friends of your whereabouts.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings. Remember that chatting on the phone or listening to an mp3 can distract you from what’s going on around you.
  • Walk confidently and avoid carrying too much at any one time. Always try to keep one hand free.
  • Never accept a lift from a stranger or someone you do not know well – no matter how tired, wet or late you are.
  • Keep belongings out of sight and store them securely.
  • Robberies: If you witness or are the victim of a theft / robbery, it may not be safe to fight back against the criminal. Defend your life and your person at all times, but when it comes to property, don’t risk your life defending it.

Always report any criminal behaviour that affects you or that you witness to the police, because this could stop it happening to other students.

Handling money

Be safe and smart with your cash:

  • When withdrawing money, do so at a well-lit and secure cash point, and be aware of those around you at all times. If you can, use cash machines located inside banks.
  • Don’t be flash with your cash! Keep it safely tucked away out of sight.
  • Wallet safety: Gentlemen: try to avoid carrying your wallet in your back pockets. Ladies: keep your handbags secure.
  • Check your statements for unusual spending. Contact your bank if you spot any unusual activity.
  • Keep bank cards safe and secure at all times.
  • Never write down your pin number or keep it with your card.

Top tips

South Wales Police have prepared the U-SAFE booklet to give you a concise guide of personal safety advice.