Bank card phone / courier scam

July 10, 2013

A telephone scam, known as the “Courier Fraud”, has successfully scammed over 2000 victims over the past two years.

Please read the details of the Courier Fraud on Ofcom’s website to be aware of how it works.

The scam operates by phoning victims, telling them their bank card has been compromised and then asking them to phone their bank.

However, the first phone call is not actually disconnected, so the victims are calling back the fraudsters. The criminals then either ask for a pin number, or ask for it to be typed in through the key pad of the phone. Finally, they send a courier to collect the bank card.

It is worth understanding that only the call initiator can disconnect a phone call to a land line. If they do not hang up, your phone remains connected to theirs (even if you hang up yours).

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