Electrical Safety

Electrical euipment poses several potential dangers that you should be aware of:

  1. The dangers associated with electrical equipment include:
    • Electrocution
    • Fire
  2. All mains powered electrical equipment which is brought onto campus must be in safe condition.
  3. The manufacturer’s instructions for the correct use of the appliance must always be followed.
  4. Faulty or damaged equipment must not be used at any time.
  5. Repairs must only be carried out by a qualified person.
  6. Damaged leads or cables should be replaced not repaired.
  7. All equipment must have correctly rated fuses – check manufacturer’s instructions.
  8. All plugs must be of the UK standard 3-pin design and approved to British Standard BS1363 (shown on the underside of the plug).
  9. 2-pin adaptors (e.g. shaver adaptor) must only be plugged into appropriate adaptor sockets where provided.
  10. All leads or cables etc. must be appropriate for the item and correctly fitted.
  11. Equipment should be switched off at the mains when not in use or left unattended.
  12. Extreme care must be taken if using multi- adapters to ensure that they are not overloaded i.e. all items in use must not exceed 13 amps (13A).
  13. Electrical equipment must only be used for its intended purpose and must not be modified or incorrectly used.
  14. All housings/covers etc. must be correctly in place whenever the equipment is used or connected to a supply of electricity.